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About me

Birthday : 28/06/1995

Degree: Master in Data Science, Civil Engineering

City: São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Residencial High Standard
Construction Management (2022)

using PowerPlataform Tools and Dynamics 365

Provide 3 mobile apps and 2 web apps to manage information about contracts, supply operation and quality for a high standard house builder business in Cuiabá-MT/BR.
Solution is increased by using PowerAutomate and PowerBI to automate some tasks and data visualization.
The solution provides costs planning, monitoring, business areas to do lists and automate comunication with external business partners using e-mail and Whatsapp. 

Gains: process fluxes control, simple KPI's, cronogram and planning, tasks division, costs control, customer view of the proccess. 

Facilities & Utilities
Contracts Expiration and Costs Management (2021)

using Power BI and Office 365 applications - Microsoft tools

Provide 2/3 visualizations and control of over 300 active maintenance contracts, giving to my team a expiration and costs control about our activity.

Gains: Top-bottom vision, costs control, no delays in contracts revalidations

Facilities Management
Construction Services Management (2021)

using Power BI and Office 365 applications  - Microsoft tools

Provide 6 visualizations to control over 400 scholars building heavy and medium maintence processes, giving to a 5 civil engineers team a data-driven decision possibility.

Gains: process fluxes control, simple KPI's, cronogram and planning, tasks division, costs control.

Assets management
Workflow creation and optimization to new proccess implantation (2020)

using Visio Pro and Office 365 applications - Microsoft tools
SCRUM Leader of 7 Analists from different areas

Mapping and reduce corporative responsabilities to destinate assets of 40 elementary schools around country

Analysis of a 3.5x10^6 database to create parameters and base decisions. 

Creation of forms (Sharepoint 365) to input new processes
Gains: From zero to dashboard process modeling, Agile culture implantation at

Worksheet to manage CBUq production and resources planning. (2017)

using Excel with VBA lines - Microsoft tools

Unique report of informations about production and equipament fuel and resources. Join related data to save time and give necessary informations about activity. 

Gains: Process control and visibility.


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Phone: (65) 9 9680-2737

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